Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…

One thing I really don’t like about written knitting patterns is when you’re going along, knitting away, following the instructions, and then you read “…At the same time…”  That’s how I feel when I’m absorbed in yarn production.  I lose all sense of there being anything else I should be doing “at the same time”.


And so it was that I noticed that my poor little pansies had dried up almost totally.  I’m lucky enough to have an “inside/outside” studio; I was able to switch out the garage door for full glass sliders, and am in the studio and the yard seemingly simultaneously (yes, I’ve been exploring quantum physics for beginners, ha ha).  Anyway, in my excitement about the new colors I’m coming up with, I’d totally forgotten that plants need care and water.  Yikes.  Need to figure out a way to convince my creative self that “at the same time” is as important as whatever it is I’m working on!

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