If you’ve been around fiber people, you’ve probably heard something along the lines of “Listen to the fiber/yarn/fabric” .  And if you are a fiber person, you know that this is not just a new-agey woo-woo saying.  There are things you can do with some fibers.  There are things you can’t do with some fibers. And the fibers will tell you, if you listen.

But it isn’t something I think about often as I approach a new project.  Even if I don’t have a final project in mind, I usually have a sense of what I want to happen with the fiber or yarn, and I tend to forget about the listening part.

And so it was with this assortment of vibrant blues and greens…  I love combed fiber and a worsted spun yarn, so I set out to use my hackle…And, if you’ve ever tried combing a variety of fiber lengths, you know what happens – they separate out.

BlueFiberSo I turned to my carder first…then back to the hackle. 

Magic!  Ended up with the smoothest softest yarn I’ve ever spun.

Sometimes I just have to listen…

A snippet of a poem by Paul Williams:


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