No, No, Not Moths!!!

46353091_10215574425125995_470760331543576576_oUpdate: No Moths!  Hooray!

Turns out, the “breaks” that caused the alarm are actually the natural joins in the cashmere – and, sadly, some of the cashmere skeins did have more than their share of what I call “escapees”.  Part of this is due to the quality of the sweaters I am raveling (the higher the quality of cashmere fiber, the more resistance it has to felting).

Part of the problem is with my desire to use every little bit of the precious cashmere when I ply the strands…I may have to revisit this, as many of you are hesitant to use yarn that has “joins.”  As I will be using more of my own yarn for miniature sweaters, maybe it’s time to phase out Raveling Rose Recycled Cashmere.  Decisions, decisions!

To all Fort Worden Knitters who purchased Raveling Rose Yarn:

I’ve now had two reports of a particular medium green cashmere that had excessive splits and breaks…and I am suspecting moths…So far, no reports on other colors…

Do not hesitate to contact me and I can either give you a refund or send you replacement yarn.   I am putting all the remaining cashmere I have in “Time-Out” in the freezer, just to be on the safe side, and I would suggest you do the same.



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