Knitting with Recycled Cashmere

Raveling Rose Recycled Cashmere is produced by unraveling discarded sweaters. I spin three 2-ply strands together to form a cabled yarn.  I scour the yarn to remove residual dirt and dye from the original manufacturing process and to slightly felt it. The last step is to over-dye or paint the yarn if I’m not happy with the original color. Most of the resulting yarn is fingering weight (18 wpi).

You can use anywhere from a Size 3 knitting needle, resulting in a soft fabric that almost looks felted, to a Size 7 needle.  I’ve even used a Size 9 needle on a knit ribbed piece with success.





    • As you might have noticed, my Etsy shop is no longer active. I found that people really wanted to touch and see the yarn in person, and photos just didn’t do it! I sell mostly at local sales – seasonal or knitting retreat-related. Send me a request via the Contact form, if you’re interested in purchasing directly.


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